Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Change

Ian stayed on blow-by oxygen last night but was able to come off this morning. The difficulty at night is that he won't wear the oxygen mask, and he really doesn't have to, but when we prop it up, it falls or he knocks it off. Then the monitor alarm goes off and I have to get up and fix it. This happens several times throughout the night . If we want to make him wear the mask, we have to put arm restraints back on, which we don't want to do. Anyway, he really does fine during the day but just can't keep his levels up at night. He really didn't sleep well at all (so neither did I) and he is crashed right now. I took a little nap myself. He doesn't seem to mind his cast and has been happy. He did great in his stander and ate a few bites of bacon and eggs this morning. We haven't tried his lunch yet since he's asleep. We've been moved to room 115, so instead of being the first door on the right, we're now on the left. Brian is working some from here and is planning to stay the night and go to work when I get here in the morning. If Ian can stay off the oxygen tonight, we'll go home tomorrow. That's the whole hold up. I probably won't update tonight since I don't anticipate any change between now and then. We'll go back to physical therapy (the stander) this afternoon for an hour or more and just hang out the rest of the day. He is also still taking an antibiotic and breathing treatment. The doctor said 30% of his right lung is effected. We haven't heard from my parents so they must be doing fine with Olivia.

'Til tomorrow or something changes- Leah

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