Sunday, October 12, 2008

So Far So Good. . . .

Ian is doing great! So far, things have gone really well. He is pretty content during the day and isn't even on pain medicine except for at night, which is partly for him and partly for us so we can all sleep! Brian's mom and aunt left Thursday morning after taking Olivia to school, and we checked out of the hospital that afternoon. My parents arrived late Thursday night. I think the biggest challenge right now is maneuvering Ian from one place to the other and dealing with his weight, it being awkward, and trying to keep his legs elevated. Plus, we're going to be bound to the house for who knows how long. Yikes!! I'm afraid the days are going to get a little long. If he can go to school next week, that would make the next few weeks seem a lot less daunting. We'll see how it goes though. His appointment to remove the casts is November 13th, so we'll be marking each day off the calendar for sure!

Oliva has had a great time with her grandparents and great aunt, so that's been a lifesaver! My parents haven't made a definite plan as to when they'll go home, but they will definitely be here until Tuesday. Also, Brian is going out of town Monday (tomorrow) but he'll be back Tuesday. Several people from church have offered to help out, and that is also a comfort.

I better go check on Ian. He enjoys being outside, so he's out on a lounger next to his Pops. He also got to go out in the wagon today. Hopefully the weather will stay nice this week, although we could sure use some rain.

Hope everybody has a good week! We're praying for one too!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Drink Ian Drink!

Ian seems to be feeling fairly well today. He's still on all his pain medicine, but we aren't giving him an extra jolt of it as often as we were, so that's good. The main problem we're having is that he won't eat or drink. They cut back the fluids coming through his IV in the hopes that he will start to get thirsty. They also gave him something for nausea in case that's the problem. Hopefully, he will at least start to drink this afternoon. When he does that, they can get rid of the IV, and he can start taking his meds by mouth. So, that's where we are. Brian stayed the night last night, and it went pretty well. He went home to sleep for a couple of hours when I arrived this morning at 6:30, and came back later. We had lunch and are just waiting for Ian to "get thirsty". It's still too early to guess when we will be able to go home. I'm hoping for tomorrow, but it's looking more like Friday.

Olivia is on the shopping trail again today- maybe looking for something to wear in her school picture tomorrow. Brian's mom and aunt leave tomorrow, and my parents should arrive here late tomorrow night.

Will post again when we start eating and drinking.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Out of Surgery

All has gone well so far today. I stayed the night last night, and things started getting underway about 5:30 this morning. Brian got here about 6:15. The only hiccup was when Ian wouldn't take his morning meds. He fought it all the way, but we ended up getting about half of it down. Apparently it was enough to get him calm and relaxed so that putting in the IV was not too bad. They had some difficulty getting it in but not because he was uncooperative. He did great.

They took him for surgery around 8:00, and he just arrived back in our room a few minutes ago. (It's 11:05.) They put three screws and a plate in each foot. These will be permanent unless there is a problem with them later on down the road. Of course he has the casts on but is still completely out of it. He has plenty of constant pain medication and has a pump if he seems to need additional relief. He awakened only a second or two and then went back to sleep. Anyway, all is going well, and we'll just wait and see as the day goes along. Hopefully he won't be too terribly agitated when he wakes up. So far so good!

Olivia has been having a great time shopping with her grandmother and great aunt. They came up last night for dinner, and then returned home about bedtime. Today is school for her, but they had so much fun shopping yesterday, I think they're back out shopping again instead. They'll probably come again after her nap. She has done great!

Brian is staying the night tonight, which will definitely be a tougher night than last. We still assume we'll be here until Thursday. The'll keep monitoring him, probably try to get him on his feet at some point, and rewrap his legs in a day or two- after the risk of swelling has lessened.

I think that's it. I better get back in there.