Thursday, November 12, 2009

Home Today. . . Maybe

Ian had a great day yesterday. No oxygen, and no oxygen during the night. So, it's looking like we will go home today. I had originally wanted two nights without oxygen, but this morning's x-ray looked much much better, and the respiratory therapist said we would know if he was in distress during the night. Him not being able to breathe and us not knowing about it was my biggest concern. The only thing that might keep us from going home today is that he won't eat. They haven't offered any reasons for this except that after surgery it sometimes takes awhile to get your appetite back. It's now been 8 days though, and I think he probably should have it back by now. We'll see soon if they really want him to be eating before he can be discharged. We should have an answer by noon I think. The intensive care doctor is here this morning so we'll see what he says. We'll let you know.


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